Starting the Journey Right

Capturing Experiences Thanks To Miles

Hi, I am Nicholas! Growing up with a father who was a hotelier and bon vivant gave me some unique insights on the travel and hospitality industry. This also gave me the privilege of exploring the world of luxury travel. Listening to his stories and seeing how an industry professional views and rates a hotel has shaped my expectations of my personal travels.

Ever since then, I have always had a fascination with everything travel related. Having lived most of my life in Europe, I decided to move to Singapore in 2013 which is the perfect gateway to explore a lot of Asia and Oceania. In this region you can find some of the world’s best airlines and hotels.

As of 2019, I am extremely fortunate to have visited over 44 countries, passed through 97 different airports and travelled on 64 airlines, but am still far from satisfying that wanderlust.

On average I am lucky to get to fly around 80,000 miles a year (mostly on holidays – yay). I try to visit as many new destinations as possible or to visit some of my favourite places more in-depth.

I strongly believe in starting the journey right and this includes the journey to get to the destination. This is why I hope you can find some useful tips, inspirations and travel hacks on this blog which will make your next trip that bit more special.

I look forward to interacting with you as I take you along on my adventures.