Business Class cabin of the Boeing 737-800 of Malaysia Airlines

“Given the short flight time of barely 45 minutes Malaysia Airlines offers a solid product on this shuttle service between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. You get a choice of two snacks and the crew is constantly topping up your beverage right until the airplane is about to land.”


Malaysia Airlines Regional Business Class Review Boeing 737-800

As part of a ticket booked on Oman Air from Singapore to Istanbul I was flying Malaysia Airlines from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and back. Unfortunately Oman Air does not fly direct to Singapore anymore as they cancelled their tag on flight from Kuala Lumpur a few years back. Hence they now codeshare with MH on this SIN-KUL route. 

Given that the flight is so short I usually would not fly this route in Business Class. Given that it was part of a longhaul ticket I was fortunate enough to fly this short hop to KL on the regional Business Class of MH.

MH has multiple flights a day between the two cities and departs from Terminal 2 at Changi Airport. The lounge used by MH is the SATS lounge in Terminal 2 which is also accessible using Priority Pass. 




View from seat 2F

Malaysia Airlines Regional Business Class Review – Boarding 

I was warmly greeted by the leading cabin crew in charge who also engaged in some small talk with me whilst I was waiting to get to my seat. She was very charming and sincere and immediately addressed me by name once she saw my boarding pass and constantly used my name throughout the flight. She truly was embodying the true Malaysian Hospitality even on a 45 minute flight. As I boarded relatively late most of the Business Class passengers have already taken their seats. Malaysia Airlines has 16 seats in a 2-2 configuration on their Boeing 737-800. The seats offer a decent seat pitch and come with their own personal television. The seats are comfortable and come with a decent recline and a foot rest which is perfectly fine for a short hop to KLIA from Singapore. However MH uses those planes on some longer regional routes like KUL to China, India and even Australia. For a day flight it is still acceptable but I would hate to fly a redeye in those seats. 

The cabin was clean and the friendly cabin crew came around the cabin shortly after with hot towels and some pre departure beverages. Unfortunately MH does not serve any alcohol on their regional flights within South East Asia. 


IFE on Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines Regional Business Class Review – Cabin 

Each seat has a pillow and blanket (which seems to be the same one used on long haul economy class). In terms of legroom I didn’t feel that row 1 had more than the other seats. The benefit of row 1 would be that you get served first but you do sit closer to the galley so the noise could be bothersome. Also the IFE has to be stowed for landing and I prefer having it in the seat in front of me. Hence I chose row 2 and 3 for my two flights on MH. Each seat pocket also featured The Star newspaper as well as the Going Places inflight magazine.

Soon we were ready to depart and the flight departed on time to KL.


Regional Business Class Seat on Malaysia Airlines




Last row of Business Class
Ready for take off

Malaysia Airlines Regional Business Class Review – Food 

Given the short flight time of 45 minutes the crew has barely 20 minutes to complete the full service. As soon as the seat belt sign was off the crew came through the cabin to serve the snack. The snack is catered out of KUL and they do not lift up any catering from Singapore for this flight. The choices were either Malaysian Rojak (mixed vegetables and fruits with a spicy sauce and peanuts) or a chicken sandwich. The choices were the same for my return flight a few days later from KUL. Given that the flight back was close to midnight I have combined the two meals on these two flights in to one review.

The chicken sandwich tasted fresh but certainly wouldn’t win any awards for best sandwich. The crew also gave some peanuts as well as dates given that it was Ramadan. To drink I had some water but they also had a selection of juices available. Given the short flight time the snack was fine and acceptable. 


Malaysia Airlines Business Class snack

For the return flight from KUL to SIN I had the Rojak to try out the “local” dish. I did find the choice to be a bit peculiar for an inflight meal given that Malaysia has so many other local dishes available. However it was pretty healthy if you did not use too much of the sauce. Again given the short flight time the snack was perfectly fine. The tray was quickly removed and shortly after the cabin was prepared for landing.




Business Class snack – Rojak

Malaysia Airlines Regional Business Class Review – Summary 

Malaysia Airlines offers a solid product on this short flight to KUL. The seats are comfortable and the service was warm and charming. Would I fly Business Class again on this short hop? If it is part of a longhaul ticket it definitely makes the experience much nice. You do not have to fight for overhead bin space, can enjoy priority boarding and get a quieter environment. However if I were to pay for a full fare ticket for the SIN-KUL leg I wouldn’t think it is worth it given the short flight time. 

All in all I had two great experiences on these short flights with a warm crew and on time departure and arrival. I would definitely recommend Malaysia Airlines and I dare say the lounge at KLIA is better than the Singapore Airlines Silverkris lounge in Singapore (separate review to follow).


Approaching KUL


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