“The Marhaba lounge features lots of natural daylight and provides a great alternative to the other Priority Pass lounges at Changi Airport. The lounge offers various types of seating as well as all modern facilities a traveller would look for.”


Marhaba Lounge Singapore

This will be a relatively short review as I did not plan on writing this post until I was at the airport. 

However the day I flew off to Taiwan happened to be the first day of operation for the new Marhaba Lounge at Terminal 3. The lounge is replacing the DNATA lounge which was previously nearby and has been closed in the meantime. 

The lounge seems to now be the dedicated Skyteam lounge at Terminal 3 as both China Airlines and Garuda guests received access. I entered the lounge using my Priority Pass and access was granted without issues. Unfortunately until today the lounge is not updated yet on the Priority Pass website and it still lists the DNATA lounge as one of the available lounges at T3.

The staff was quite excited given it was the first day and even proudly commented to me that today was the first day. 

The lounge is located on level 2 above the duty free stores and is relatively close to immigration. 




Buffet and dining area

Marhaba Lounge Singapore Overview

The lounge is split in to two seating areas with various styles of seats ranging from lounge type chairs to high chairs. When you enter the lounge there is one seating area to the left and a rather long corridor which houses the dining and drinks area before coming to the main lounge seating area. The lounge has pretty good view of the tarmac unlike the Silverkris lounge for example. I always like seeing the action on the tarmac and this lounge probably has the best views of all lounges at T3. 

Marhaba Lounge Singapore – Main Seating Area

The main seating area at the back of the lounge overlooks the terminal as well as the tarmac. It offers various chairs and also a high table should you prefer that kind of seating. One great feature of the lounge is that various power ports can be found at every seat. This allows you to charge your devices wherever you choose to be in the lounge. Given that the lounge is not fully enclosed you are exposed to the noise from the terminal. In general Changi airport is one of the quieter airports out there however. Hence noise should not really be bothering you. 

Wifi was available in the lounge and worked pretty fast during my stay. Given that the lounge was not at full occupancy I am not sure how fast it still is if the lounge is crowded.

Different view of the seating area and they try to partition the lounge to make it a bit more private.


If you prefer to sit at a high table you can consider this area at the back of the lounge. During my stay nobody used it since there was ample seating available in the lounge. 

Marhaba Lounge Singapore – Dining 

One of the strong points for me were the dining options. I have rarely seen a lounge which offered so much variety of bread and pastries and was very impressed. Even First class lounges I have been to did not offer a mini bakery such as below. 

Wide selection of breads

The buffet was also split in to a Western and Asian selection and offered the usual hot breakfast dishes. The Western choices offered scrambled eggs, sausages etc.. For the Asian selection the choices were quite Taiwanese inspired I felt. They served chicken congee, braised eggs as well as minced chicken which was cooked in the (Lu Rou Fan) way. As China Airlines was using the lounge for their Business class passengers I am not sure if they also had some say in terms of deciding the food choices. 

Nevertheless the food I had was above average and tasted delicious. If the food standards can be kept at this level, I definitely think it can compete with the Silverkris lounge nearby. 

The staff also made sure that the buffet was kept tidy and clean. The presentation definitely felt like a breakfast buffet in a 4-5 star hotel.


Western Breakfast selection


Asian Breakfast SelectionChicken congee

The drinks selection was pretty standard and offered the usual choices of soft drinks, water and juices. They also had a red and white wine available but given it was quite early in the morning I did not check out how good they were. The usual spirits were also available and the brands they served were the regular ones you would come across. Nothing fancy but perfectly acceptable. There did not seem to be any sparkling wine option available. Given it was the first day of operation this is something which potentially could be introduced at a later stage. 


Soft drinks selection
Alcoholic beverages

Marhaba Lounge Singapore – Bathroom

The lounge offered a number of unisex bathrooms which came attached with their own sink as well as shower. The design was nothing luxurious but was modern, clean and offered all the items you might need for a quick refresh before your next flight. The hair dryer was built in and body soap and shampoo came out of dispensers. 


Marhaba Lounge Singapore – Summary

This was an unexpected and pleasant surprise to stumble upon this new lounge at Terminal 3. I think Marhaba is offering a very competitive product compared to other lounges available at Changi airport. It is definitely the nicest one at Terminal 3 currently. The SATS lounges at Changi airport are really in need of a revamp in terms of decor as well as F&B and I hope that this new addition encourages them to improve their offering. The only other lounge which I would say is on par would be the Plaza Premium lounge located at Terminal 1 which offers a very decent product as well. I am glad to see some positive developments at Singapore Changi airport as most third party lounges are starting to show their age and are in need of a revamp. 

Lounge area

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