Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok

Given how much traffic Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport handles, it comes as no surprise that many airlines have decided to open their own lounges to serve their premium customers. In addition, Bangkok also has a lot of third party lounges which can be accessed by lounge programs such as Priority Pass and Dragon Pass etc. 

For Star Alliance airlines, the only airlines which have lounges in BKK are obviously Thai Airways, Eva Air as well as Singapore Airlines. Recently, Turkish Airlines also opened a new Bangkok airport lounge given that they also have two flights a day to Istanbul. Remember if you have a Star Alliance Business Class or First Class ticket or hold Star Alliance Gold status you can access any of the three lounges in Bangkok.

The lounge is also open to Priority Pass members, likely to earn extra revenue for the airline. This makes sense as both TK flights leave at night and the lounge would otherwise be empty all day. So if you are flying on a budget airline or just want to give this lounge a try your Priority Pass grants you entrance.


“Given that this lounge accepts Priority Pass, it is a great option for passengers who are not traveling in Business Class on a Star Alliance carrier.”

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok – Entrance

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok – Lounge Access

The lounge is located on level 3 near the entrance of the D gates at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and is opposite the Japan Airlines lounge. It is also very close to the Singapore Airlines Silverkris lounge which is another option should you wish to indulge in some lounge hopping. This lounge is open 24 hours a day based on the Priority Pass website. Unfortunately at the time of writing the Star Alliance website didn’t have this lounge featured yet.


Welcome area

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok – Overview

The lounge, unfortunately faces the terminal side, so there is no view of the tarmac. We were there at night but I can imagine it being a bright and airy place during the day. We were there around 7PM and it was relatively quiet with just a handful of seats taken. The lounge occupies a large rectangular space. When you walk in there is a large seating area as you can see below and this leads to the dining area and bar. Next to the seating area are two rooms (Quiet Room and Business Centre). This lounge also has a washroom and shower room which I will touch on later.

Seating Area

Between the seating area and the dining area there is a bar where you can get your alcoholic beverages. The usual beer, spirits and wines were available and the selection seemed decent.  I imagine during busy hours the bar will be manned and should you prefer you can have a seat at the bar as well. The lounge attendant saw us looking at the wine selection and immediately offered to pour us a drink as the bar is not self service.

Bar area

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok – Facilities

There was a room next to the seating area which supposed to be a business centre of sorts but I wonder who will really have a meeting here? There was also a desktop Mac available if you didn’t bring your own device and need to access the internet quickly. Wifi in the lounge was pretty fast and easy to use which I find very important.

Business Centre

There is also a Quiet Room as they call it where they have some chairs with an ottoman to rest. It was slightly darker compared to the rest of the lounge. It however didn’t really look very welcoming, but I can imagine if you are really tired it could at least give you a place to rest. I think it would have helped if there was a door which can be closed so you won’t be so exposed to the rest of the lounge.

Quiet Room
Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok – Food and Beverage

Probably the best part of the Turkish Airlines lounge in Bangkok was the live food station where a chef was making fresh Turkish pastries. The chef was constantly preparing new Turkish baked goods and I managed to grab a few of the savoury delights he produced. The items were fresh and hot from the oven and consisted of some of the famous Turkish dishes such as Boerek. 

There were two choices of sparkling wine available (one Prosecco and one  sparkling wine). I am not sure if it’s a permanent feature to have two sparkling wines or if they just happened to have these available. However it is always nice to have a choice and I was happy to see that the sparkling wines and white wine were properly chilled. I went for the Prosecco which was drinkable but nothing out of the ordinary. 

If you like beer, I thought the selection was quite generous as they offered four different brands of beer in the lounge. The selection of soft drinks was also decent and plentiful. 

Below are some fresh parties which were prepared by the chef. They all tasted delicious and this was definitely the highlight for me in this lounge.

Besides the warm dishes, the lounge also had a decent selection of fresh salads as well as cooked items including a local Thai dish as well as some Western options. The sandwiches below looked a bit sad though.

Buffet area

There was also some onion soup and steamed rice available. Although onion soup before a longhaul flight is not really the wisest decision in my opinion.

Soup station and rice

The hot food items consisted of three hot dishes which were  French beans in tomato sauce, Tom Kha Gai (chicken cooked in a savoury coconut milk sauce) and chicken in cream sauce. I tried a bit of everything for the sake of the review and whilst it didn’t always look very appetizing the taste was decent. I actually thought the Thai dish tasted better than in the Singapore Airlines lounge which offered the same dish as well.

French Beans in Tomato sauce
Tom Kha Gai (Thai local dish)
Chicken in a cream sauce

I liked that Turkish Airlines offered some Turkish elements in  the lounge such as Turkish coffee and Turkish tea which were quite nicely presented in traditional glassware. The tea was nice and I recommend trying it when you are there. You pour the tea from the teapot in to a glass and then add some hot water to it. Something which most people didn’t seem to understand. The staff however was eager and helpful to show us how it was supposed to be done.

Turkish Tea and Coffee
Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok – Washroom

I felt the Turkish Airlines Lounge washrooms were quite utilitarian and definitely lacked that premium feel which their lounge in Istanbul has for example. This felt more like a public washroom to me and I am also not sure how I feel about the shower room next to the toilet stalls. As I was rushing for time I didn’t ask to see the shower room. However most importantly, the washroom was kept clean when I was there.

Turkish Airlines Bangkok Lounge Washroom

Shower Room within the washroom
Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok – Conclusion 

Overall I thought that for an outstation lounge of a premium airline like Turkish Airlines, this new lounge fell slightly short of expectations. I thought the design of the lounge was quite dull and lacked atmosphere especially compared to their lounge in Istanbul. It felt like one of those sterile serviced offices you can rent if you are not sure how long you need the space for.

The staff in the lounge was polite and friendly and made sure the food items were refilled regularly and kept the lounge tidy. Some of the elements like the freshly baked Turkish pastries and Turkish tea were nice additions and were probably the highlight for me.

If you compare it to the decor of the Singapore Airlines lounge for example, it definitely pales in comparison. This seems to be a bit of a missed opportunity here for TK. On the other hand if you are using a Priority Pass to get access it is slightly better compared to some of the other third party lounges at BKK airport. So overall it’s not a great lounge but definitely does the trick if you are looking for a quiet place to rest a bit. 


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